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Alex Kozlow
Alex Kozlow I have a Russian Ukrainian background; was born in Adelaide; went to school in the western suburbs; studied psychology and classical studies (B.A.)at Adelaide university in the 1970ís and I hold postgraduate Diplomas in Education and Applied Psychology. My early years brought family and community values to the fore which has guided my attitudes and principles. I'm 66, married and have a young teenage son. Over my career my work for the government and in private industry has given me a balanced and flexible outlook towards work and life in general. My sense of humanity and openness to people has earned me genuine respect among friends, work colleagues and the broader community. I consider myself to be an ideal communitarian who loves life and interacts well with people at large.

Most people know the major parties have lost their way and no longer represent the community whereas my sincerity, vigour, passion, honesty and humility I believe should hold me in good stead if the people of South Australia elect me as their Senator. I understand the plight of the disenfranchised, the elderly, the mentally underprivileged, the misrepresented bank customers and other victims of our unjust system so I understand what life means for the have-nots. My work experiences as a counsellor, teacher and psychologist of 30 years have provided me insight into how best to serve the common good.

I'm honoured the CEC has given me the opportunity to represent a real political fight in the interest of my community. Our fight for the common good means taking on the City of London and Wall Street megabanks.

To make the world a better place Australia must align with the CEC/LaRouche position on the BRICS countries development program. Promoting peaceful co-existence with Russia and China, and the other BRICS countries, Brazil, India, South Africa plus others around China's 'One Belt, One Road' perspective of development serves Australia's interests much better than our current dependency on the Anglo-American partnership and its aggressive domination of world politics.

If you want to join my fight call me on 0417 824 904. Donations are always welcome and I recommend you subscribe to the CEC's Australian Alert Service newsletter and become informed.

An informed citizenry is what these oligarchs really fear so let's give them something to be afraid of.


Paul Siebert
Paul Siebert My life began on a mixed cereal and sheep grazing farm in the Lock area of South Australia. I'm 49 now and for the last 20 plus years my work has been driving trucks servicing the rural community; transporting livestock, fertilizers and more. It's those first 25 years on the farm, working alongside my parents where my passion for truth, and love for tinkering in the workshop originated. Rather than just repairing small pieces of equipment I like to tinker with manufacturing parts that will improve its functionality.

In my teenage years I would ask myself questions like "where does money come from" and wondered why light acts in so many different ways. This questioning lead me to read conspiracy theory type information as I got older. That was until around 15 years ago when I met the CEC in Bourke Street Mall while on holiday in Melbourne and began to unfold the truth of the grand conspiracy behind oligarchism and their continual drive to suppress human achievement. Innovation is allowed but real scientific thought is not encouraged.

Once truth is discovered, it has to be told which is why I'm representing the CEC in the Senate in South Australia. Making the system work for everyone is important. Rather than allowing the savvy few, the banking and corporate cabal who work the system and take advantage of the public's financial illiteracy, I have to speak out in order to force power back into the people's hands. That's where Glass-Steagall bank separation which the CEC is urgently calling for, will be the crucial first step to deal with the speculative banking system, followed by a science driver recovery program for our industries around infrastructure we can make this happen.



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