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Jan Pukallus
Jan Pukallus
AGE: 57
Married, 4 children.

I first heard of the CEC in 1997, joined in 1999 because it took me two years of investigating their reports, questioning everything and eventually flying down to Melbourne to visit the headquarters and checking it out for myself. What amazed me was that someone took the time to sit down with me and answer my questions about the environment, nuclear power, over-population and all the other popular concerns. Although I had a healthy hatred of politicians and corruption I had never thought of standing up for anything apart from family values and local issues.

I was a reluctant recruit into politics but driven because the CEC expressed the quality of statesmanship: (which sets them apart from all others!) that civilisation's evolution and advancement is our responsibility and while we have elected politicians to do so, it's our duty to hold their feet to the fire or get the government you deserve. Still, I thought why me? My husband of 30 years just retired after 39 years with Qld Health and we'd seen it deteriorate under various governments. Mackay Base Hospital for example going from 255 beds to 180 beds in 20 years while the so-called economy was 'booming', and our family home ballooned from $70,000 to $600,000 during the same period! And during the 'mining boom' high school kids were suiciding or sniffing paint in broad daylight in the parks and even the main street. To the CEC this is the economy - not the stock market. Being a baby boomer myself, perhaps if we hadn't taken our four kids out of school and driven our bus around Australia, then we might still be in a fool's paradise. But we returned determined to take up the fight with the CEC to revive the nation's full potential of becoming a proud and advanced society of science driven productivity in farming and manufacturing with the government funded national bank directing credit into infrastructure to support a growing population.

I've now worked full-time as the Qld State Secretary for 15 years and learnt about the evolution of human culture, how renaissances are made, what effect Christianity had on Oligarchy (raised an atheist so this is some breakthrough) and Lyndon LaRouche's science of physical economy where mankind plays a central, integral role necessary for future generations. I've imparted meaningful things to our supporters and the public over the years and had slanders and threats thrown at me which have tested my resolve and made me and my family stronger.

We have activists right around Australia talking to their friends, family and even strangers on the street about our ideas and we've never dumbed it down for the average Aussie because "Dummies won't develop Australia." I was the average Aussie once and I ask you to take the intellectual challenge and develop yourself into the person you want to lead Australia. Who else can you trust? And now that the world has come to this precipice in our lifetimes, where the banks are crashing worldwide, it is obvious we cannot continue with the genocidal globalisation, free-trade, deregulation/privatisation, economic rationalist policies of the free market. We have to change the system and we must change our selves in the process. The CEC is much more than a political party - look at the policies; it's a revolution!

PHONE: 0427 508 008

Friday, June 24


Stephen Harding
Stephen Harding I am a 43 year old father of four who first contacted the CEC in 2013. After following them on The CEC Report in Brisbane, I added my name to their petition calling for a Glass-Steagall Bank separation. How many Australians have had their lives impacted, even destroyed by the banks, because Glass-Steagall regulation has not yet been enacted? Since that first contact, I’ve stepped up from my initial offer to photocopy literature to distribute, to put myself forward as a candidate to promote Glass-Steagall and the CEC’s other policies.

My business involves training people for employment, including young long-term unemployed. My passion for helping people in this way stems from my family background where I was encouraged to think for myself, and where no topic was taboo. I have also experienced (and survived) some tough periods in my life which is why I am passionate about making a difference for my own kids and all young people. We need to educate and nurture the youth of today to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Australia must change direction: the current free-market, free-trade system of competition is a collapsing spiral riddled with unpayable bank debt which is causing a greater and greater divide between the “haves” and the “have nots”, and that has to be reversed; adopting a system that will protect the interests of Australian industry and the general population under national banking will serve the country far better.

I whole-heartedly support the principle of the common good which the CEC is fighting to achieve and which many people have almost given up on today. We must do everything in our power to keep that spirit alive in society and politics generally, and that is what I am committed to.

PHONE: 0407 779 843

Wednesday, June 15

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