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Trudy Campbell
Trudy Campbell

AGE. 66

OCCUPATION. Registered Nurse/Midwife 1971-2016, with interlude of 8 years as full-time Political Organiser with CEC. Recently retired from nursing.

FAMILY STATUS. Divorced. 4 Children and 4 Grandchildren

INTERESTS OR HOBBIES. History, philosophy, theology, space: building things, mechanics

LIFE EXPERIENCES. After dwelling in the world of sense-certainty till 1984, my soul jerked me awake and I again started seeking the truth of: who am I and what is the meaning and purpose of my life? A divorce and responsibility as the sole parent of four young children, moving interstate with the blessing of the Family Court, re-kindled the faith I had lost. A very good friend introduced me to the CEC and LaRouche’s EIR magazine in late 1991. I recalled seeing a TV program in 1988 whilst on a stop-over in Hawaii on my way back to Australia from my first overseas trip. What Mr LaRouche was saying made so much sense and helped me understand some of my wonderings, i.e. why my children had less opportunities than I had had when I finished school, the rubbish they were being taught, and why costs and prices were rising so much.

I moved to Melbourne, joined the CEC team and a whole new world of discovery unfolded and is still unfolding: poetry, learning to play a musical instrument, being introduced to classical music, singing, how the solar system functions.

On returning to nursing I found the health system to have been taken over by bureaucracy; it was “costs” not “care”, documentation beyond reason, computers and "obey the rules " imposed, which were counter to all I was taught. The internal structures of management from a nursing perspective became a "need to know only" basis.

When acting to protect three patients (now called clients) from incorrect treatment orders, I found myself in the firing line to the point management hired a private detective to investigate me with the intention of removing my license to practise, in one particular incident. The Union kowtowed to bureaucracy, so there was no real support at all for the fees charged.

With my children now all independent, I decided to move to Darwin to "fill the gap" with our ideas. Leadership was present in the States but the NT needed more activity.

REASON FOR RUNNING AS A CANDIDATE. To free Australia from its colonial shackles by empowering the population, through our ideas, to realise the potential within themselves, to develop this country and in so doing, discover their true mission: to ensure the well-being and future presence of humanity as a unique creative species on our planet and within our Universe. Our present leadership lacks the moral quality required in this time of crisis, and I am standing up to defend the people.

Two writings have particularly inspired me: Gottfried Leibniz’s concept of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" and Australian poet Charles Harpur’s poem, "War Song of the Australasian League".

PHONE: 0414 677 968

Ian Barry

Ian Barry

1. NAME. Ian Barry

2. AGE. 35



5. PARTICULAR INTERESTS OR HOBBIES. Politics, history, engineering, agriculture, environment, future technologies.

6. LIFE EXPERIENCES RELEVANT TO RUNNING AS A CANDIDATE. I spent 6 and half years in the Australian Army including 7 months peace keeping in East Timor in 1999-2000. I did my trade as a Fitter and Turner whilst in the Army. In 2004-5 I was one of several members of a unit who blew the whistle on various issues related to aviation safety. In turn the Army tried to intimidate me and destroy my credibility with lies and untruths. This destroyed my tightly held perceptions of what the Australian Army and Australia in general actually is. After coming to this realization I decided that I no longer wanted to be part of this organization and my best option was to go AWOL. The Army then put the pressure on my family to get to me but this did not work. After an investigation by the inspector general of defense, I was discharged. I then returned from overseas and began working as a farmer producing tropical fruit. It was not long before I realized that the southern markets were rotten to the core and the system was designed for the agribusiness and not the little bloke. So with debts to pay I headed of to the mines. During the GFC I took a secure job with the department of justice as a prison officer. After 7 months in this negative environment I decided to head back to the mines and ended up in Sierra Leone for a year where I saw firsthand the results of British free trade and Chinese investment in real infrastructure to build Africa even though I did not understand the broader implications at the time. About 12 months after returning from Africa I met a political party that shared all of my crazy beliefs and dreams and ideals. In fact, they assured me that they were not crazy at all.

Random Facts
Barry Family tree goes back to Cork, Ireland and possible early IRA connections. Early 1900s. Many reds, early labor and Jack Lang supporters in family history on all sides. Distant relation Patrick Bronson skillfully removed PM William Hughes’s hat at Warwick train station with a rotten egg while the PM was trying to drum up support for WWI conscription in 1917. He did not intend dieing for the empire. This was one of the main reasons the commonwealth police were formed. Sorry about that.

7. THE REASON WHY YOU ARE RUNNING AS A CANDIDATE. There comes a time when you can no longer stand by and watch this great country with all its potential go to waste, while the rich and powerful loot and plunder as they please.
I thought that I was serving my country all those years ago, but now I realize that I was just a hired gun for the crown and cannon fodder for the empire. This time I want to serve Australia and its people and help this country reach its true potential.

8. MOBILE/PHONE CONTACT. 08 8988 3628, 0438771980

9. E-MAIL:



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