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House of Representatives - Paterson
Peter Davis
Peter Davis
Peter Davis, CEC candidate for Paterson resides in the Nelson Bay area and is third generation born to the town.

Being a father of five and grandfather of twelve gives him good cause to be concerned for the future of Australia.

Together with his wife Kerry, he runs a transport company servicing the construction industry both in NSW and, to a lesser degree Interstate. Having worked in both industries for most of his working life Peter has witnessed the boom and bust cycles of our economic system and is convinced that this is no way to run an economy.

One of Peter's sons is a career soldier of nine years with three tours of active service overseas so he understands firsthand, the true cost of ‘serving the empire’, and the futility of a feudal system.

Being caught up in the Howard government’s Union Busting programme during Peter Reith's attacks on the Maritime Union, and his earlier experience as a TWU Delegate, brought Peter to the realisation that Australia is being governed, not for Australians, but for ‘the empire’.

"Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser said Australia needs to become independent and 'grow up’. To do this, we must develop. To secure our future Australia must adopt a national bank credit system to instigate large infrastructure projects to build up our physical economy. Doing this will create massive employment opportunities and promote private enterprise.

Australia must join with other Nations presently engaged in world development programs to build peace throughout the World and create opportunities for every living soul to develop to their true potential."

PHONE: 0474 759 877
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How to Vote

Vote 1 for Peter Davis, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.

Peter Davis participates in candidates forum at Maitland Business Chamber



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