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Jeff Davy
Jeff Davy

Monday, 23 May 2016
Statement from CEC candidates Chris Lahy for Mallee and Jeff Davy for Murray:

Dairy emergency—Australia needs parity pricing for agriculture
NAME: Jeff Davy

AGE: 59

FAMILY: 3 adult children and 8 grand children

OCCUPATION/S: Truck driver; former Dairy Farmer

INTERESTS: Fishing; Football; Australian history; Banking, economy and credit creation

LIFE EXPERIENCES: I was born the son of original soldier settlers and spent my early life up until ten years ago as a dairy farmer. Both my parents were life members of the RSL. Over the years I have served my local community on numerous boards and councils, including the Katunga Scouts Assn., the Katunga South School Council and the Katunga Football Club.

I have always been concerned about the future for our farmers and producers and the political and economic issues they face. Prior to joining the Citizens Electoral Council in late 2007, at which time I ran as a CEC federal election candidate for the first time (again in 2010 and 2013), I had been active in a number of other political campaigns including as co-organiser of the "Save the Lucky Country" rally held at Katunga in conjunction with Danny Johnson's "Save Australia Now" Committee. I was also the Murray Valley Co-ordinator of the "Australia First" campaign "Save our Farms, Factories and Future" run by the Australian Association of Independent Businesses. In 1997 I took on the role of Assistant Secretary and Treasurer of the Moira Branch of the Australian Reform Party and also ran as a candidate for the Moira Shire Council.

As a former dairy farmer, I am outraged at the effect deregulation has had on the industry and combined with the privatization of water, once water rights were separated from property rights (thanks in large part to Malcolm Turnbull), the future for many of the primary producers in my electorate is in grave jeopardy. This, combined with the failure of our government and banks to serve the common good interest of the nation in preference for mega-profits and their own vested interests, cannot be tolerated if we wish to maintain food security of our great nation.

REASON I AM RUNNING AS A CEC CANDIDATE: I am standing again as a CEC candidate in this 2016 federal election because I believe passionately in the ideals and policies that the CEC has fought for, for more than 25 years. Just look at our Fighting Platform! We can not stand idly by and allow our citizens' life-savings and deposits to be commandeered to bailout the criminal banks; we must re-regulate our banking system. And above all we absolutely must return to a system of national banking and credit creation in order to build a real future for our children and grand-children. These are the visionary ideas that give me and the nation real hope and I will not give up the fight on behalf of all the deserving people of my electorate.

PHONE: 1800 636 432


For more information on my interest in the history of banking and credit creation, go to my personal website

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Jeff Davy, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.



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