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Chris Lahy
Chris Lahy
I live with my wife and five teenage sons at Lake Boga in the heart of the Murray Darling basin. Most of my adult life I have been dedicated to aiding the community and in particular giving my time to youth affairs and personal development, even before I had children of my own. I'm also very passionate about the future of the agricultural sector especially after my family was given little choice other than to leave the dairy industry over 10 years ago.

My decision to “get political” came in a period I describe as a “perfect storm”. One of my sons has a disability and I was battling the state-based health systems in Victoria and New South Wales to get adequate healthcare and support assistance for him. Around the same period the dairy industry was facing its own battles for survival. Farmers were facing a “green drought” because, whilst there was plenty of water available, farmers couldn't access it. Our water entitlements had been reduced and to buy more we were facing highly inflated water prices, meanwhile, the dairy industry's guaranteed pricing for milk production was being stripped away under deregulation.

The idea of being forced into more debt because of deregulation and water pricing, plus my son’s needs turned me towards politics and that's when I found the CEC. The CEC gave me the knowledge and understanding to realise we have to fight to overturn these government decisions which are literally killing off the rural sector. I believe the government can do the good but that means abandoning their free-market ideology and following what the CEC has outlined for the future development of the country. Speculation, financial gambling like what's happening with water since it was separated from land, must be outlawed.

I firmly believe that the CEC's water and desalination development projects, plus other great infrastructure plans, funded by a government-owned national bank are the only way to revitalise regional Australia and return hope to struggling farmers, small businesses and the youth of this nation.

PHONE: 0427 540 388

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Chris Lahy, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.

Friday, June 17

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Friday, June 10
Asked about The Guardian newspaper's federal election forum:
"Three-time Mallee electoral candidate and Lake Boga resident Chris Lahy said those in attendance would get an authentic view of the candidates and their beliefs.

'I think forums are a good opportunity for candidates to get across questions that don't get asked,' he said.

'The audience can see who they're dealing with. You soon find out who is transparent or fake.' " - "Meet the Mallee candidates", by Kate Thorburn, The Guardian (Swan Hill).

Monday, 23 May 2016
Statement from CEC candidates Chris Lahy for Mallee and Jeff Davy for Murray:

Dairy emergency—Australia needs parity pricing for agriculture


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