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Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn I have been a candidate for the CEC in the Senate or House of Representatives, at every election since I discovered the CEC in 1998 and realised there is an Australian political party that genuinely does have the interest of the nation and the people as their priority. The CEC is not a populist party that just wants to be elected; our candidates fight for real policy solutions which makes us very unpopular with the Establishment and their political hacks.

Iím 64 with four grown up children; Iíve lived and operated an earth-moving contractor business in Humpty Doo for 30 years; I grew up on a wheat and sheep property; served six years in the Australian Navy and worked as a heavy equipment mechanical and construction supervisor, so I feel I have a darn good understanding of the difference between a productive economy that produces physical wealth and the phony financial house of cards economy we have today.

The CECís policy platform is focused on the urgent policy decisions needed to free Australiaís banking system from the global casino. Separating our divisions of banking (commercial from investment) under a Glass-Steagall styled bank separation is the vital first step for a recovery program; then government credit directed through a national credit bank into major infrastructure programs will be the catalyst for an economic science-driver and revival of our primary and secondary industries.

Vote for me! Join us and work with us to get the policies that can guarantee our youth an optimistic participation in their future.

PHONE: 0418 895 958

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Peter Flynn, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.



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