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Lindsay Cosgrove
Lindsay Cosgrove
I've lived on a sheep farm in Taralga all my life. My parents established the farm in 1929 and I was 27 when dad passed away and it was left to me. That was 1977, before then, and again now, contract shearing work kept the wolves from the door, so to speak. While I like shooting and fishing there isn't much time for that. Life in the rural sector has gotten harder and harder as most forms of regulation and tariff protections have been taken down. The rise of environmentalism and imposed restrictions on land and water use are exacerbating the problem. Then there's the banks. In the early 90's my bank wanted to increase the risk loading on my loan another .5% to 2.5% and the interest rate was already up to 22%. The sheep industry had hit hard times and the loan was already half paid off but the bank was insistent so I took my complaint to the Bank Ombudsman -- and won.

I had somewhat of a passion for Australian history even before meeting the CEC but once our paths crossed I've been an ardent advocate for their key platform policy, a national credit bank, ever since. The old Commonwealth Bank in the period of WWI used its powers as a national bank and, while there was a glut of wool and wheat at the time bought the produce from the farmers which gave them an income so they could carry on producing. Later, when the bank sold that produce for a profit over what it had paid the farmers, the bank then distributed that profit back to the farmers.

No private bank would even consider doing that! In fact, they want to do the opposite, they intend to use our money that we have saved and invested with them, to prop them up when the system falters. It's called 'bail-in' and the CEC has led the fight to expose this treachery and to stop it. Because the CEC fights for real solutions to better the country and population I have represented them many times at both State and Federal elections. If you want to save your bacon then you need to join our fight and you can vote for me as well.

PHONE: 02 4843 8086

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Lindsay Cosgrove, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.



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