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Michael Gough
Michael Gough
Michael Gough is 54 and runs a lawn-mowing contractor business which he's built up over the last 20 years in Port Macquarie where he and his wife Corrine live with their young family. Whilst Michael has a passion for music and surfing he also has a passion for the future.

"I first came across the CEC at a no carbon tax rally in Port Macquarie where they had an information stand. I always knew something was wrong in the political system—not only in Australia but the world. The CEC confirmed my suspicions but rather than leave me feeling helpless, gave me the depth of knowledge to understand what solutions, we the people, have to fight for and demand from our political leaders.

I am running as a CEC candidate because I want an optimistic future for my three children, and all youth. They deserve better; they deserve hope. The CEC's policies offer real solutions for the common good. Through national banking and public credit directed into nation building infrastructure projects, our country can reach its full potential."

PHONE: 0412 662 006

Wednesday, June 22
Interview on 2MC and Star FM - Port Macquarie

Friday, June 17
Michael Gough's presence as CEC Candidate for Cowper, is making the choice for preferences uncomfortable for Independent candidate, and Gillard-Government-participant Rob Oakeshott:
"He said that when it came to preferences he was keen to talk more to other minor players, although he was adamant he would put the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) last because he strongly disagreed with aspects of their policy platform such as their protectionist policies and their support for the Royal Family."
- "It will all come down to preferences as the race in blue-ribbon Cowper hot up," by Ute Schulenberg, Nambucca Guardian, June 13, 2016.
For the record, to make clear which side of national sovereignty Oakeshott stands on, here are the CEC's policies on protectionism and the Royal Family.

How to Vote

Vote 1 for Michael Gough, with the minor parties and independents next, major parties last.



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